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本文摘要:Apple announced Monday that the newest operating system for its Mac computers will be called OS X Yosemite.苹果(Apple)本周一宣告,Mac近期一代操作系统将被命名为OS X Yosemite。


Apple announced Monday that the newest operating system for its Mac computers will be called OS X Yosemite.苹果(Apple)本周一宣告,Mac近期一代操作系统将被命名为OS X Yosemite。CEO Tim Cook took the stage at 1 p.m. ET at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco to welcome a crowd of a few thousand software developers – some of whom had lined up a day earlier to ensure themselves a spot in the audience.在旧金山举办的苹果年度全球开发者大会上,首席执行官蒂姆o库克于美国东部时间下午1点同台,青睐数千名参会软件开发人员。

他们中有些人为了保证能与会,在一天前就早已开始排队。After a brief introduction, Cook handed the reins to Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, who walked through the design and functions of Yosemite, which he called “a gorgeous and more usable version of OS X, the best ever.”库克在展开结尾的讲解后将控制权转交了苹果负责管理软件工程的高级副总裁克雷格o费德里吉。酬劳德里吉向与会者讲解了Yosemite的设计和功能,声称Yosemite是“更加华丽、更佳用的OS X系统,比之前的系统都要好。

”The new operating system includes design updates such as new desktop icons as well as a “dark mode” that switches menu bars and the dock to a darker gray color. Yosemite also includes an updated Notification Center and a faster, simplified Spotlight feature for searching for apps on your Mac and for searching online.新的Yosemite包括大量的设计升级,比如新的桌面图标,以及将菜单栏和任务栏徵成深灰色的“黑暗模式”。Yosemite还包括Ultra的通报中心以及速度更慢的简化版Spotlight功能,后者能用作搜寻Mac上的应用程序和在线查找。Federighi also unveiled the new iCloud Drive that will be available on Yosemite and will allow for the storage of content across all Mac and mobile products. The AirDrop feature will also allow for syncing between Macs and iOS devices, and it also includes “proximity awareness” – a feature that allows users to move documents and projects from device to device with the swipe of a finger.酬劳德里吉还发布了Yosemite上的新版iCloud Drive,它能为所有Mac和移动设备获取存储空间。

新的AirDrop也反对在Mac和iOS设备之间实时了。此外,它还反对“将近场辨识”功能——用户只必须滑动手指就可以在邻接设备之间传输文档和工程。Federighi used another new feature – the ability to answer phone calls on your Mac, using the computer as a speakerphone – to welcome one of Apple’s newest employees, rapper and Beats Electronics cofounder Dr. Dre. Federighi called Dre from his Mac and introduced him to the crowd, prompting the rapper to ask how early in the morning he should show up for work.酬劳德里吉接下来用于了另一项新功能——将Mac作为免提电话——来青睐苹果新的员工、Beats Electronics牵头创始人、饶舌歌手德瑞博士。


酬劳德里吉通过自己的Mac给德瑞博士打了个电话,把他讲解给与会者们,而德瑞博士则问费德里吉,自己早上应当几点到公司下班。Yosemite will be available to consumers in the fall, and will be free. Those eager to try it out sooner than that can take part in a new public beta program.Yosemite将于今年秋天免费公布。讨厌尝鲜的用户现在就可以iTunes公开发表正式版了。More announcements regarding an updated iOS platform and other software products are expected later in the keynote address.预计在之后的专题演说中,还将公布更加多关于新版iOS平台以及其它软件产品的信息。

The five-day conference will be attended by 5,000 developers, who were chosen at random in a lottery to get access to the various sessions and labs Apple will run to help the developers familiarize themselves with new technologies. Later today, Apple will also give out its Design Awards to the developers of what the company deems to be the best apps available in its store.持续五天的大会共计邀了5000多名随机挑选出的观众。他们不会参与各类主题演说,还将了解理解苹果实验室,后者是苹果为了协助开发者熟知自家的近期技术而成立的设施。晚些时候,苹果还将向应用程序商店中最佳应用于的开发者们施行设计大奖。



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